If The Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Doesn't Get Elon Musk, The Dip In Stock Will

If The Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Doesn't Get Elon Musk, The Dip In Stock Will

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If you are not aware of Elon Musk's major HR blunder from yesterday, allow me to give you a quick recap. After discovering that a guy was simply asking if he was still a Twitter employee, Elon mocked the man for not needing his job at Twitter, having muscular dystrophy, and tweeting when he should have been working. After finding out that the guy he bashed for no reason was literally one of the best people, he heeded the advice of his in-house counsel, found a heart, and apologized for the man. Turns out, that apology wasn't enough to prevent the market from exacting its toll for his trolling.

Haha this dude just got Elon to fire him publically, trip a termination buy out clause in his $100M contract as an acquired founder, and sunk Musk to his eyeballs in employment law liability.

Might be the best outro if all time.

-- banjo finn (@SimplePhishin) March 7, 2023

Again, this is still just the background. Here's the market response:

As a disability advocate who deeply despises Elon Musk, today feels like my team just won the Super Bowl.

I feel like I should be out flipping cars in celebration or something. https://t.co/ldzu5SoRMs

-- Kendall Brown (@kendallybrown) March 7, 2023

Two pieces of advice from this: 1) Despite the justified joy, you probably shouldn't be out there flipping cars because of this, and 2) Being the person Mr. Rogers knows you could be isn't only the right thing to do, it is fiscally prudent. Twitter Fingers over here is down billions (with a B) over casual ableism and poor managerial practices.

Funniest part about this is the disabled employee he was trying to publicly berate, slander, and belittle now has Elon by the balls. He could literally make Elon post a video singing "I'm a little teapot" as a condition for his continued employment, and Elon would have to do it

-- LeGate (@williamlegate) March 8, 2023

While I am not legally qualified to determine if the bit about the "I'm a little teapot" thing is actually true, I have two things to add here. I think that Elon would do it without the need for any coercion -- he's just that desperate for attention. Here's Exhibit A:

And this may really be a subset of the first point, but how often is this guy gonna pull the fire and immediately rehire the same people shtick? If I had a nickel for every time this has happened, and I were to factor in the plummeting price of Tesla stock, then not only would I have at least 15 cents, that would be about two whole shares worth of the company!

In short, I'm going to go out on a limb and predict two multimillion-dollar lawsuits coming down the pike. The first will be a very easy workplace retaliation lawsuit if Elon squeezes his way out of his legal team's hands long enough to make this situation even worse. The second? When the shareholders sue him for costing him billions over harassing his employees on one one of the world's most public and screenshottable public squares.


-- V W (@valcheq) March 7, 2023

Dirty deletes can only do so much; the internet never forgets.

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If The Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Doesn't Get Elon Musk, The Dip In Stock Will
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