How Appealing Weekly Roundup

How Appealing Weekly Roundup
Feb 2023

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<blogs/tags/strong">strong>Ed. Note: A weekly roundup of just a few items from Howard Bashman's How Appealing blog, the Web's first blog devoted to appellate litigation. Check out these stories and more at How Appealing.

"The Second Amendment's Legal Landscape Is Getting Weirder; The Supreme Court's Bruen decision has given rise to some disturbing new interpretations of what constitutes the right to bear arms": Matt Ford of The New Republic has this report.

"Supreme Court Weighs Ethics Code as Critics Push for Change; In 2019, Justice Elena Kagan told Congress that an ethics code for the justices was in the works; Four years later, it has not emerged": Adam Liptak of The New York Times has this report.

And Joan Biskupic of CNN reports that "Supreme Court under fresh pressure to adopt code of ethics."

"Heartbreaking: Young Clarence Thomas Was Absolutely Jacked; Before blowing out his Achilles in 1993, Thomas had finished a marathon in three hours and preferred the most cursed workout soundtrack imaginable." Jay Willis has this post at Balls and Strikes.

"Roberts Tries to Stay Above Fray as High Court's Standing Falls": Kimberly Strawbridge Robinson and Lydia Wheeler of Bloomberg Law have this report.

"Dershowitz's Bad Idea to Plug the Dobbs Leak; Journalists have repeatedly been willing to risk jail to protect the identity of their sources": The Wall Street Journal has published this letter to the editor from Floyd Abrams.

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