Yoja Clean


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Specialties: What is Yoja Clean Mobile app? Yoja Clean is an efficient mobile application that connects cleaners (providers) with customers (people who want a cleaning service). Yoja does not do cleaning but instead it is a platform that connects users. You can call it "Uber" for cleaning. How does Yoja Clean work? We have designed Yoja Clean mobile application to efficiently connect the closest cleaner (provider) with a customer (Person in need of a cleaning service). Customers have an option of making a regular booking for cleaning ie setting time and date for cleaning OR instantly book a cleaning. When a customer uses an instant booking, Yoja clean app will connect him/her to the closest cleaner in the area. What makes a Yoja Clean app different from your current home cleaner? On Yoja Clean app, we only allow professionally certified cleaners, who have home etiquette, communication and understand technology. Cleaners on Yoja platform are carefully vetted and have extensive experience in cleaning. Put in mind, before we activate any cleaner on Yoja clean app, he/she has to bring a police report certifying that they have no criminal background or pending warrants. We do verify these reports by contacting police to make sure the reports are genuine. We also do quality assurance by randomly sampling homes that cleaners do clean. Established in 2015. The world is evolving, this is why Yoja Clean app is a new way of seamlessly connecting customers to cleaning through Yoja Clean app, we make it easy for everyone to instantly book a cleaning service, opening up more possibilities for customers and more business for cleaners.


  • Home Cleaning
  • Pool Cleaners
  • Office Cleaning


  • Accepts Credit Cards