Hanson Home Repair


Specialties: I specialize in repairing everything in the home! Specifically carpentry, drywall, painting, plumbing, electrical, hardwood floor repair. Established in 2013. It is only three years since I've committed to contracting on my own full time. I have worked most of my life in various trades: maintenance mechanic in an industrial manufacturing plant, working for landlords maintaining their properties, a cabinet shop, contractors and contracting on my own part time. My father was a college professor, but was adept at fixing "anything", as he grew up on a farm with a master carpenter father. I think, only now, I may have more tools than he had. I say this as no matter of pride, but as a testimony to the many years it has taken me to acquire them. When I need a tool to do a job, where otherwise it could not be done to a satisfactory level, I get the tool. My success in this industry comes from my experience and the tools needed to carry out tasks in a professional manner; without both, quality work is limited. I live to a high standard of integrity, leaving my customers at ease while working in their home. I look forward to gaining your trust!


  • Painters
  • Plumbing
  • Carpenters